Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mind the Gap

image from Pixabay.com, under Creative Commons CC0  

I haven't forgotten about the blog, but this summer and fall were busier than I'd anticipated and I didn't get as much research done as I'd wanted.  Whoever it was that told me when I listed my goals for the year here in January that I'd bitten off more than I could chew, was absolutely correct. I did. The last time I tried to do a photographic 365 Project (take a photo --and edit/process it-- a day, and post it publicly) and research and blog about genealogy (and move) in the same year, I had to give up the 365 Project mid-year to be able to keep up with and finish the 52 Ancestors project. This year I really want to finish the 365 Project as I'm enjoying it and my photographer's eye is growing better (if you're curious, check out my 365Project on Instagram), so I've been giving the 365 Project and church board work priority (as well as regular work). Therefore, the genealogy production has slid because I've already found the easy stuff and research takes more time now;  I'm also starting to move a bit into offline research as well so mailing time must get added into to the equation as well.  I'm excited by what I am finding; it's just taking more time to get those results and I haven't enough time to give it a lot these past several months.

As we're heading into the holiday season, I'm thinking that it's more practical (and less guilt-inducing -- every time the blog crosses my mind I feel guilty this year) just to declare this a gap year on the blog and start again fresh in January as a family history blog instead a blog of excuses. I don't plan to do another 365 Project next year, and so can concentrate more time on genealogy and blogging. Hopefully, I can get the research a bit ahead to be able to have the start of a few good ancestor profile posts ready to go next year, we'll see.

So, I'm sorry, but there's going to be nothing to see here for the rest of 2016. But check back at the start of 2017 for what is starting to look like some interesting stories on my Mom's side of the family.