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  1. Hi! my grandson is related to you on is father's side through the Wilcox family. Ruth Wilcox is his great grandmother. She is a delight and I am hoping she will dig around and find some info and photos for me. That being said, the book is rather funny. (the Wilcox book). Is there any reason to believe that they were Irish? researching the Wilcox (willcock) name only really leads to England where the name originated. have you found anything else?

    1. Hi Pat, Sorry for the delay in responding, November has been hectic. I haven't yet gotten back far enough to get Wilcox family off this continent. Before New Brunswyck Canada its looking like they may be from New Jersey and Loyalists who went to the Canadian provinces after losing the Revolutionary war, but I'm not positive yet.

  2. Hi Jo; I was Married to Ross Graham(1940), son of Orville Graham (1907-1980), Son of James Graham(1864-1931) According to Family records. I have all of James's family dates and where they are ,mostly.
    I answered an earlire blog and would like you to Email me at
    Do you know anything about Joseph Tuckey, I was told that he and James came west, James stayed in Manitoba and Tuckey went on to Regina. pleas contact me. LIL


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