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Links  to every useful resource I have found in my family history research relating to my ancestors from or in Germany 
will be listed on this page (so as not to lose track of something helpful). Hope you find  something to help you, too.

GENERAL - subscription database of family history databases. Massive amount of content. - free family history and genealogical records database- Church of the Latter Day Saints
Cyndi's List - Germany - Links to Germany specific websites/information. free comprehensive, catagorized, and cross-referenced list of links to genealogical research sites online.
German Genealogy Online - Links to online German genealogy databases and resources.
German Genealogy - History and a whole bunch of links and resources
The Living in The Past: A Family History blog has done a wonderful four-part series on Researching Genealogy in Germany; the posts are: Lost In The Homeland, Part 1: Researching Genealogy In Germany; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4
Archion - access to digitized protestant German parish records. [Archion in a Nutshell – German Protestant Parish Records Online  – the article explains (in English) what it is, what it includes (& doesn’t), and how to use it.]
German/Prussian Mega Search Engine, from – The search engine accesses 108 German & Prussian Genealogy sites at once (almost all results in German). 


Wikipedia: History of Baden-Wurttemberg
Understanding Your Ancestors - context of their lives, western Europe, particularly Germany

LandesArchive Baden-Wurttemberg -Emigration From Southwest Germany - (Note: Website & search forms largely in English, results in German - of course), records of people who emigrated from the Baden-Wurttemberg; also links to further databases and resources with phone numbers and email links
Online German Immigration Records, Lists and Indexes 
German and American Sources for German Emigration to America


LE HAVRE, FRANCE (I know it's not Germany but it's the port my German Ancestors left  Europe from, so I'm putting it here)
Le Havre, France as Emigration Port 
"A Look at Le Havre, a less known port for German Immigrants" , 10/9/11 post by Kathy Gosz, of the Village Life in Kreis Saarburg, Germany blog
"Emigrants Setting Sail: Questions and Answers," 2/28/14 post by Kathy Gosz, of the Village Life in Kreis Saarburg, Germany blog 


Chronology of Germans in America (Library of Congress)
German Immigrant Ancestors in Syracuse and Onanadaga County NY  - lot of information
Wikipedia: Germans in Syracuse NY
German Immigrants 1850's - records of passengers arriving at Baltimore, Boston, New Orleans, New York, and Philadelphia. Listings include names of ships, dates of passage, ports of entry, occupations, children and marriage, birth years, age and other personal identifying characteristics, country of origin, ethnicity, destination, etc (Note: names recorded only as good as person who wrote them down - try last name and variations.)
Understanding Your Ancestors - Who Came and Why: German Immigration
Mennonite-Amish Mega-Search Engine from

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  1. Wow! I found something!!! Thanks again for these links! But, I'm a little confused by what I found. It's on the LandesArchive site. So, my ancestor is Thadda Koechle. I have the NY passenger list where his name was transcribed at Ancestry as Chada Boecker. But, in looking at it, looks like it is probably Thadda Koechle. His wife's name is wrong, but the kids names make sense... except there are only 5 and should be 6. The names & ages make sense. The date is 1851.

    But, the Landes site shows an immigration year of 1850. And, I just see Thadda and not his family. Maybe he came back for his family in 1851? Or, maybe I just don't know how to use the site and so cannot see the rest of his family.

    Also, from the 1851 passenger list, the family came through Le Havre, France. I have barely looked at that site but haven't figured out how I can use it. I'll keep looking though.

    Could you email me?

    And, thanks SO MUCH for sharing some sites I wasn't aware of!


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