My father is a HENN. My mother is a SNYDER. I am researching back those lines.

These are the family names I'm researching, and the places I've found them or have (relatively reliable) reference to them coming from (so far - more will be added as I find them), earlier first, reading left to right.  If you're looking for the same people in the same places, maybe we are related; please contact me!

MATERNAL  SIDE SURNAMES (direct and collateral)

BAILEY -  Pennsylvania, Kansas, Ohio, China (Fat Shan, Hong Kong)

BIXLER -  Ohio, Indiana, Kansas


CARLSON - New York

CONLEY - North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois,

COSNER - North Carolina, Illinois

CRAIG - Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois

DIEHL - Germany; Pennsylvania

ERWIN - North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, California, Florida


FISHER - Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Texas

FRY -  Ohio, Michigan

HART - Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Missouri

HARTMAN - Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, [Ohio again], Florida

LEWIS - North Carolina, Illinois

MEYERS - Maryland, Pennsylvania

MILLER - Indiana

MYERS - Maryland

PINK - Pennsylvania

PINKSTEIN - (may be family myth that "Pink" dropped "stein", no confirmation yet; still looking)

SCHNEIDER - Hesse Germany; Ohio

SNYDER - Germany; Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Texas

SPEICHER - Pennsylvania, Ohio

WHONSETLER - Germany; Pennsylvania, Maryland

WILLIAMS - Pennsylvania

WILSON - Indiana, Kansas

WANSETLER/WONSETLER/WONSETTLER - Germany, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio

WOLFINGTON - North Carolina, Indiana, Kansas, Ohio

ZIMMERMAN - Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio

PATERNAL SIDE SURNAMES (direct and collateral)

BENNETT - Unified Province of Canada (in what is now Quebec Province); Michigan, Ohio

BLANK - Baden (Germanic Confederation)

BROWN - Massachusetts (pre-USA); New Brunswick (pre-Canada)

CHUTE - Massachusetts (pre-USA)

CURRIER - New Brunswick; Upper Canada (later called Ontario); Michigan

CURRY/CURREY/CURRIE - New York (Pre USA); New Brunswick,

ESTEY - Massachusetts(pre-USA); New Brunswick (pre-Canada)

FISK - Massachusetts(pre-USA); New Brunswick (pre-Canada)

GREGOR/GRIGOR - Ontario, Canada; Michigan

GRIMM - Baden (Germanic Confederation)

HENN - Baden (Germanic Confederation); New York, Michigan, Ohio, California, Texas [Current living family members's states: Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, California, Florida, Wisconsin]

KIMBALL - Massachusetts (pre-USA)

LOWELL - Massachusetts (Pre-USA)

McALBEE - New Brunswick (pre-Canada)

McCLEAN - Scotland, Upper Canada (later called Ontario Canada), Michigan

McFARLANE - Scotland, Canada East (later called Quebec Canada), Mchigan

McGREGOR - Scotland

O'BRIEN - Upper Canada (later called Ontario Canada), Michigan

SCHULZIN - Baden (Germanic Confederation)

SHARP - New Brunswick, Upper Canada (later called Ontario), Michigan, Alaska, Pennsylvania

TOWNE - Yarmouth, England; Massachusetts (pre-USA)

WATSON - Ohio, Texas

WILCOX - New Brunswick (pre-Canada), Upper Canada (later called Ontario), Michigan


  1. Jo. I noticed your Zimmerman line from Pennsylvania and Ohio. Remember the brother who found me and you commented about? His adopted name is John Zimmerman. He researched his adopted lines extensively and they link to PA and possibly to OH. I am going to mention your blog to him. I suspect he will contact you.

    1. That would be cool if I'm related to his adopted family, particularly because I'm stumped on the Zimmerman line, lol! I wrote my 3rd great grandfather Henry Y Zimmerman, here: Show it to your brother and see if it rings any bells!


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