Sunday, September 30, 2018

Odds and Ends

Snails - from

I know I promised another ancestor profile post in September. However, I've been away from home for the last three weekends, and haven't had time to finish writing it up yet (thus, the snails). That post will go up in October.

I've been contacted by three potential distant relatives for Dad's side and one for Mom's side in September, and one very nice person who just wants to help me. Two would like to jointly explore how we are related, (they seem to be one on Dad's side and one on Mom's of my family). One had been conducting research pursuant to a DNA project he was working on, including some families that he was unable to conclusively connect to his family of primary interest, and in the course of that research, he tells me that he uncovered some interesting information on one of my direct family lines (Dad's side) and wants to offer it to me rather than just deleting it because he couldn't prove a match to his people - oh boy! And the fourth, my 3rd cousin 1x removed, on Dad's side found my blog after Googling names found on the back of photos in her grandmother's photograph album, and sent me both digital copies of the photos and the originals! So my next post tonight will the photos she shared with me of my grandfather Henn at one year old (very cute) and of his siblings.