Wednesday, November 26, 2014

52 Ancestors: #45 William Bennett (about 1806 in Ireland – 1890 in Burnside, Michigan, USA), and #46 Margaret McFarlane Bennett Brown (1926 in Scotland – 1909 in North Branch, Michigan)

I have removed this post due to inaccuracies, and newly discovered information.

I am going to do new posts on William and Margaret, with the updated information, as follows, but I didn't want to leave up inaccurate information pending getting the new posts up. The links will go live to the new articles as they are posted.

1 - William Bennett (1806-1890), Revisited, Part One, will address William’s life to the extent that I currently know it, including newly discovered information leading to more explanation of context of his early life in Canada

2 - William Bennett (1806-1890) Revisited, Part Two (Hypothesis), will address why my tree on ancestry is different than many others following this particular Bennett line up past William, and address my current hypothesis as to who are his parents, and why I think so. This particular post may constitute “thinking out loud” or, at least, “thinking in print, publicly,” but I want to put it out here so that I can get feedback on my hypothesis (whether you may be related or not).

3- Margaret MacFarlane Bennett Brown (1926-1909), will address Margaret’s life to the extent I currently know it. As such, there will be some crossover information, but the post was getting way too long when I tried to write about them in one post as I did before, since I have some new bits of information about her as well.

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