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NoteWorthy Reads #13

Climbing My Family Tree: NoteWorthy Reads #13
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For week ending May 9, 2015,

For me, Noteworthy Reads are articles, websites, or blog posts I found this week which are fascinating, interesting and/or helpful, and occasionally “wacky” or “wonderful” will likely sneak in as well. It’s not going to be a “best of” post because I don’t have the knowledge to make that determination. I don’t even promise that the articles & blog posts will be written that week – just that I found them that week. At the end of each trimester I’ll review the posts to determine which entries should be put in my Resource pages; the rest will still be available through the blog's search function.

Note: Just because I list an article does not mean I endorse its contents; it just means I want to be able to find it easily in the future when I may want to consider the issue in more depth.

I'm late in posting. I've been cleaning like a mad woman. What started out as "My parents are coming to visit, I need to straighten up a bit." turned into full-bore spring cleaning! I'm tired, stiff, and sore, but my apartment is CLEAN!

As you might guess, I'm behind in my reading. I'll catch up at some point.but there are some really interesting articles and helpful resources in what I did manage to get read.


Criminal Ancestors Records from Genealogy UK  – a list of links to searchable databases of historical criminal records throughout Great Britain.

Genealogy UK blog  – a short daily post, with a link, listing some sort of unique database for genealogical purposes in Great Britain or Ireland [note to self: in Resources cross-post to Ireland and Scotland].


German/Prussian Mega Search Engine, from – The search engine accesses 108 German & Prussian Genealogy sites at once (almost all results in German).  Thankfully, I’ve got a cousin who is fluent in German who loves to translate old records; for those who don’t, Google Translate can be helpful.


The Great Appalachian Hog Drives from Atlas Obscura – I never knew – fascinating


Facts Matter!, from The Legal Genealogist’s blog – if you’ve seen the article going around saying that is releasing DNA to the police, please read this, as the story making the rounds is inaccurate on key points (based on my own research into the matter) and the Legal Genealogist explains it well.

My Cousin Is the Pope – and it’s Everything  – she’s Jewish but her genealogy research has shown that she is related to Pope Benedict XVI


Genealogy 101: County Research from’s blog– “county lines change over time, and researchers need to be aware of those changes. Otherwise, you may think records do not exist when, in fact, they do exist in a different county.”


One-step Webpages by Stephen P Morse that “This site contains tools for finding immigration records, census records, vital records, and for dealing with calendars, maps, foreign alphabets, and numerous other applications. Some of these tools fetch data from other websites but do so in more versatile ways than the search tools provided on those websites.” Very Useful.

Geneabloggers.comhuge directory of over 3000 genealogy and family history blogs and a way to search all 3000 at once

Rootsweb huge free genealogical community, with lots of information and message boards

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