Monday, April 18, 2016

Bleah (Been Sick)

from Pixabay

I haven't forgotten the blog.

I just  haven't had the energy to  research or write, for too long.

In March I got the flu, ... then I got bronchitis. After I finally went back to work, I came down with the stomach flu that had been going around the office (thanks, guys).  Then last week I got glutened and was really sick for the rest of the week.

I am truly sick and tired of being sick. I declare it done! Over With!! NO MORE SICKNESS!!!

I have ideas for several posts floating in my brain. They will get written and posted as I start having more energy after work.


  1. Oh Jo I feel for you! As soon as my kids left after visiting for Easter I came down with the worst flu ever and am just getting over it now. Me too I hate being sick - I have too much to do!
    Get well soon and I'd say that's enough for this year (and maybe next!)

    1. I know how you feel on the too much to do, too. And now, my inner brain is panicking about that because I can't sleep -- like that's going to help, not! I hope you get totally better too.

  2. Thank you, I'm trying. Only now my brain has focused on the fact that I'm behind in everything and won't let me sleep. I'm going to be a wreck at work tomorrow.


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