Sunday, March 25, 2018

A Treasure to Share

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I have a treasure to share with you over the next few weeks!

I’ve recently been contacted by a new-to-me second cousin, Ron Oldfield, who is the grandson of my grand-uncle Don B Snyder.  (You might recall I shared the story of Don’s 30-foot fall from a freight train outside Arapahoe NE in 1936 early last year.) Ron told me that his grandfather had, at the request of his family, written out his life story and Ron organized and typed it! He sent me a copy.  Let me tell you, Don Snyder is a great story-teller!

With the permission of Don’s children and Ron, I’m going to share with you Don’s story, in his own words, over the next several weeks. The way it is written it naturally breaks down into 13 posts, with his own titles. Barring unforeseen problems, I intend to publish them as follows:

1.      Riding the Rails I: Growing Up  [Monday night, March 26, 2018]
2.      Athletic Show [Wednesday night, March 28, 2018]
3.      Civilian Conservation Corps (2nd time) [Friday night, March 30, 2018]
4.      Riding the Rails II: Coming Home [Monday night, April 2, 2018]
5.      Joining The Army [Wednesday night, April 4, 2018]
6.      The Pygmies of New Guinea [Friday night, April 6, 2018]
7.      The Japs [Monday night, April 9, 2018]
8.      Shot in the Leg [Wednesday night, April 11, 2018]
9.      Army Boxing [Friday night, April 13, 2018]
10.   Cooper Tire [Monday night, April 16, 2018]
11.   Barber [Wednesday night, April 18, 2018]
12.   Caving [Friday night, April 20, 2018]
13.   Women [Monday night, April 23, 2018]

As each section is published, I will come back and make the section title here a live link to that section. [Due to other commitments, I’m going to have to learn how to use Blogger’s time-release function for a few of them. I trust that it will work; if it doesn’t, the schedule will change. ]

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  1. Replies
    1. He had an interesting life. Some of it is a little rough to read, but it's real. My challenge is finding pictures to go with the posts.

  2. Really looking forward to these intriguing stories, one by one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I hope you enjoy them. He had an interesting life. Although parts will be a bit rough to read. It was a different time.


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