Monday, August 6, 2018

A Slight Detour

I've not been posting because recently I was contacted by three (separate) adoptees looking for their birth families with whom I share (or Dad shares) varying amounts of DNA. I've spent a good portion of the last few months trying to help them figure out where they might fit in my tree. For one person I had to extend a couple branches on my Dad's side of the family tree several generations further up than I'd gotten to figure out the shared ancestor.  I helped to the best I could, but am leaving the research down the tree that isn't on my direct line to them (or whoever they hire) to do it.

In the course of all that research, I came across two very interesting people on Dad's side who I'd like to share with you before I flip back to continuing to work on Mom's side of the family. Well, I found more than two people interesting, but I'm committed to working on Mom's side at least until I get stuck again. These two, however, just insisted on having their stories told now, instead of months later. One will go up this week after I find some illustrative pictures to add, and the other will go up after I do a bit more research and write the post, so perhaps next month as I've company coming soon. I hope you'll tune in to enjoy these fascinating people,


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