Thursday, February 20, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: Picture of 2nd great-grandparents and great grandfather Snyder

Climbing My Family Tree: Kathryn (1857-1931), Philip (1882-1967), and John Snyder (1854-1925)
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Posted with permission of  Christina Inman

I recently received a packet of wonderful photos from my mother's cousin, Christina, who I'd never met (to my recollection) but who contacted me after she saw my post on Myrtle Bailey, her grand-Aunt and my great-grand Aunt. We're now friends on Facebook! And I've met her daughter Susan via email and Facebook as well (Susan is has done a lot of family history research on both sides of her family ). Thank you, Teeny!

This photo is of my 2nd great grandparents on the Snyder side: Catherine (Snyder) [1857-1931] and John Snyder [1854-1925], and their son, my great-grandfather, Philip Aaron Snyder [1882-1967]. on the back it  of Catherine that "She was a real nice lady" and that "She was cross-eyed". The back of the picture spells her name "Kathryn". In my research, I've seen it spelled about every way you can imagine. I chose to label the picture here with the spelling I've seen most often. I did my 2nd "52 Ancestors" post on my great-great grandfather John Snyder, and I did a post last December on my great-grandfather Philip Snyder. This is indeed a family treasure!


  1. Wow! This is a treasure indeed. You are fortunate that you made contact with such a caring person, who treasured this picture and shared it with you. I'm still looking for pictures for some of my great grandparents, and great great grandparents pictures are rare indeed in my family.

    Enjoy, and do a happy dance for me!

    1. I did a happy dance when I received it & wait til you see the others as they go up! Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been sick.

  2. Congrats on connecting with more cousins and being able to see what your ancestors looked like. This photo is a gem.

    1. Thank you! for reading and commenting. I think the photo is wonderful too!


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