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52 Ancestors: #8 Rebecca Ella Bailey Fisher (1858 - before July 1926)

Climbing My Family Tree, 52 Ancestors, #8: Ella Bailey (1858- before 1926?)
Ella Bailey (1858- before July 1926?)
Posted with permission of Christina Inman
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I chose this week's entry because of the pictures my mother's cousin sent me. I don't have as much information as I'd like of my 2nd great-grand aunt Ella as I'd like, but courtesy of cousin Teeny I've got some great pictures!

In all the records I've found, except for the 1860 Census where she is listed as "Rebecca E", my 2nd-great-grand-aunt is known as Ella, and that is the name she is known by on the back of the photos I received as well. She was born in Pennsylvania in 1858, to John Bailey and Maria Williams, probably either in  Huntingdon County or Mifflin County as the 1850 Census had the family in Union Twp, Mifflin County and the 1860 Census placed the family in Jackson twp, Huntingdon County. She is the sister of my 2nd-great-grandfather Edward Carleton Bailey, who I wrote up as my 4th 52 Ancestors entry.

It is wonderfully odd to find I have ancestors from the Mifflin co/Huntingdon Co. or Juniata Valley area of Pennsylvania. I wish I'd known that when I went to Juniata College in Huntingdon PA [by the way, a great school for anyone looking for a college]. It was a great four years and gave me a great education and enduring friendships.  The next time I go back for a reunion, I'll have to schedule in some family research time.

I don't know anything about her early family life yet. At some point she met William W. Fisher, who was also born in Pennsylvania, although I don't know where yet. They married in 1881 when he was 28 and she was 23. In 1884, their daughter Grace was born in Pennsylvania.  But as of 1886, they lived in Findlay, Ohio, as their daughter, Fern was born there. The 1900 Census says that she had 3 children, but only two were surviving at that point. My great-grand-mother's notes say that "Ella had three girls: Grace, Bird, & Fern", but I've not found any other reference to Bird, so Bird may have died.

Climbing My Family Tree: Grace & Fern Fisher, daughters of Ella Bailey & William W. Fisher
Grace and Fern Fisher,
picture taken at Nichol's Photography 334-1/2 S. Main St Findlay, OH
Posted with permission of Christina Inman
Ella's husband William Fisher listed his occupation as an oil driller in the 1900 Census, at which time they were still in Findlay, Ohio. But sometime between 1900 and 1910, William, Ella and Fern  moved to Chautauqua County NY. Perhaps it was after older daughter Grace married Duke Watson? The Findlay City directory shows Grace and Duke living together as husband and wife as early as 1904.

Before they left town, Ella had another picture of herself taken at Nichol's photography. It is labeled on the back, "Aunt Ella Fisher, Papa's sister"

Climbing my family Tree: Mrs. Ella Fisher (1858-before 1926?)
Mrs. Ella Fisher
picture taken at Nichol's Photography 334-1/2 S. Main St Findlay, OH
Posted with permission of Christina Inman
Ella and William lived in Chautauqua County NY, where William worked as a oil driller and Ella kept house through 1920. In 1919 Fern had married Arthur Carlson in Canada. He was born in New York so I don't know why they went to Canada to get married. In 1920, Fern and her husband were living with Ella and William at the time of the Census.

But at the time of the 1930 census William is living in Wichita, TX with his daughter Grace' and her husband, Duke; Duke is the Superintendent of an oil field and, at age 77, William is listed as a laborer at an oil field. Ella is not listed on the census. I don't know whether she has died or whether she is simply elsewhere that day. As I can find no other reference to her, and as my 2nd-great-grandfather's obituary does not mention her as a survivor, I think she died before July 1926. (Edward's obituary says one brother, Richard, survived him.)

What I still need to find:

More information on the John & Maria Bailey household in the Juniata Valley; what was the family life like. Anything else on Ella and Edward's parent's John Bailey and Maria Williams.
When and where did Ella meet William and when/where did they marry?
Why did they move to Findlay, OH? (They arrived there before Edward and his family did.)
Why and when did they move to Chautauqua County NY?
Why did Fern get married in Canada? And where are she and her husband after 1920?
When & why did Ella die? Is there an obituary somewhere?
When did William die? Is there an obituary somewhere?

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