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NoteWorthy Reads

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NoteWorthy Reads, week-ending 7 February 2015

I’m going to make this a weekly series.  For me, NoteWorthy Reads are articles, websites, or blog posts I found this week which are fascinating, interesting and/or helpful (and occasionally “wacky” or “wonderful” will likely sneak in as well). It’s not going to be a “best of” post because I don’t have the knowledge to make that determination. I don’t even promise that the articles & blog posts will be written that week – just that I found them that week (although this week I’m cheating a bit as I’m still cleaning out my bookmarks and catching up on 1000 backed up Feedly entries). 

Every few months I’ll review the posts to determine which entries should be put in my Resource pages, but I won’t lose the others since they’ll be here and the blog is searchable. This should help me keep the “bookmarks/favorites” clutter on my browser under control so that they are actually useful (you wouldn’t believe what they looked like at the end of last year, even using a folder system!). And, maybe, you, my reader, will see something on this post or future NoteWorthy Reads posts that will intrigue you, make you smile, or be just what you need right now.  


Understanding Patterns of Inheritance: Where Did My DNA Come From? (And Why It Matters), blog, – The first article I've seen on how DNA descends that is simple enough for me to understand it.  


The Immigrant’s Experience - pictures and information on immigration through the port of New York. Fascinating read.

A Supreme Irony, The Legal Genealogist blog  -- Finding Family History in U.S. Supreme Court Cases (read the comments, too)


Instead of Failing, Read the Instructions, No Story Too Small blog  Important, even essential in genealogy – read why! Don’t build your own faux brick wall.

Quaker Calendars and Dates, blog – when I left off , it looked like my 4th great-grandmother had grown up Quaker. Great! Quakers kept wonderful records! But their dating system is not American standard. This will help me figure out the records when I find them.

Tuesday’s Tip: Local Genealogy Via Long Distance, Climbing My Family Tree blog (not my blog, Marian Burke Wood’s blog.)  Some great tips on how to do local genealogy from far away (which would cover everyone in my family tree).


Using Evernote for Family History series - The blog, “One Life Picture by Picture,” has a whole series of posts which explain, very clearly, how she uses Evernote in her genealogy research and how to do specific functions, with screen shot examples. Since I want to start really using Evernote for my research, this will be helpful.

My Genealogy Digital File Folder, Randy Seaver of the Genea-musings blog explains his Genealogy Digital File Folder Organization,  I’ve got to organize my digital files better (they’re a bit of a mess because I was moving too fast last year doing the 52 Ancestor challenge from scratch) so I’m looking at how other organized people do it. 

Yes, I know how to spell "noteworthy"; the extra capitalization is stylistic for the title of the series.


  1. Thanks so much for including my blog in your listing, Jo! Much appreciated. And best of luck on your long-distance genealogy.

    1. You're welcome! And thank you; this year I'll be focusing first on setting up an organization system, but I know I'll need your post's advice later so I had to save it.


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