Sunday, February 15, 2015

NoteWorthy Reads #2

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NoteWorthy Reads Week ending  2/14/15

(It's still last week if I haven't gone to bed yet, right? Sorry this post is late, it's been a busy week.)

For me, Noteworthy Reads are articles, websites, or blogposts I found this week which are fascinating, interesting and/or helpful, and occasionally “wacky” or “wonderful” will likely sneak in as well. It’s not going to be a “best of” post because I don’t have the knowledge to make that determination. I don’t even promise that the articles & blogposts will be written that week – just that I found them that week. At the end of each quarter I’ll review the posts to determine which entries should be put in my Resource pages; the rest will still be available through the blog's search function.

I've had a busy week so the crop is a little thin in number this week but they are all very worthwhile reads.

Upper Canada Genealogy  - Offers "professional research services, indexes to hard-to-access records, free reference resources with information about Upper Canada history, geography and resource centres, and links to other useful sites."

Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum Collection database at Quinnipiac University Free database contains about 1,500 articles and illustrations related to Ireland and the Great Famine.  The museum website is here: Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum 

Native American Encyclopedia –  Articles on Native American History, Biographies, Tribes, Facts, Statistics.  Really quite interesting. (I think the storied Native American heritage in my family is a myth as I’ve not found it yet, but this might help someone.)

5 Genealogy Data Backup Tools You Can’t Afford to LiveWithout  - I need to get one of these to prevent  a re-occurrence of the disaster I ended last year with.

The Ancestoring Blog  has done a series of posts on how to use Legacy 8 (which I just bought).  I’m just posting the first one here: Legacy  but when I plugged the word “legacy” into the blog's search box  it turned up about 25 very helpful posts. I’ll be reading them all in the near future.


  1. Hi Jo, I'm delighted you're back blogging. Your new resources pages are a fab idea - my last week's comment disappeared. I'd problems with my cookie settings, causing difficulties with commenting, even on my own blog.

    1. But I got your comment on the resource page post and replied to it, Dana -- still want you to do yours so it will be easier for me when I get back to my Irish ancestors again. ;-) And thanks. I like blogging. It helps me organize my head, you know?

      So it's a cookies issue when the computer won't let me post? Good to know. It looks like you got yours sorted. I hope it stays that way.


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