Friday, April 17, 2015

Here Be Dragons!

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Or at least, Dragon NaturallySpeaking. ;-)

I’ll let you in on a little secret about me: while I can read really fast, I type really, really slow. I type so slowly that, after we got computers to do our own typing at work, it adversely affected my production to the extent that my employer bought me Dragon NaturallySpeaking so that I could talk to the computer and it would type what I said. I don’t know why it took me so long, especially given how long it was taking me to type up my ancestor profiles (you have to admit, I don’t tend to write short profiles), but this week I bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking for my home computer! And I have to say this newer version works a whole lot better than the version I use at work! This is written/typed with it.  I’m hoping that it will make writing posts quicker so I will have more time for other things (such as... more research, ... and some exercise - I need to lose weight).

Due to, well, life, I find that I must make some changes in my blog structure. I must become more flexible. I still intend to write a Noteworthy Reads post each week as I enjoy it and I read all that stuff anyway, and I still need to sort through what to add to my resource pages. But rather than committing to do one other post per week, I’m going to move more into the model I’ve seen some other bloggers do and only post when I have something to post, which will give me more time to actually research and write a decent post and to get other stuff done in my life at the same time (and sleep). [It’s turned into a more complex year than I’d anticipated.]

I may well still end up putting up a second post a week if I can find interesting newspapers and ephemera regarding my ancestors, but more likely it will be every other week.  I am working on another ancestor profile and I had hoped to have it up earlier this week, but that didn’t happen. At this point, I think that it will probably run next week, as I have a lot of blogs to read tomorrow. This one will be back to my Mom’s side of the family. Through him, I’ve learned about some portions of early 21st century history that I’d not known about before. It’s been quite interesting, and I hope that it will be as interesting for you after it's posted. 

Me using my Dragon!

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