Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Honoring My Family's Veterans

My family’s U.S. Veterans (that I know of at this point)

On my Dad’s side:

My Dad –  Specialist, 3rd Class, U.S. Army, Korean Conflict veteran, Japan as a Petroleum Laboratory Supervisor

My grandpa, Owen Carl Henn (1906-1988), U.S. Army (albeit briefly), WWII

My first cousin, twice removed, Benjamin F. Bentley (1893-1926), Sergeant, WWI

My 2nd great grandfather, John Henn (1842-1919), private, Company G 3rd Regiment, New York Light Artillery, Union Army, U.S. Civil War

My 3rd Great Uncle, Andrew Henn (1832-1911), private, New York Light Artillery, Union Army, U.S. Civil War

On my Mom’s side:

My cousin KMR, Master Sergeant, U.S .Air Force, retired

Great-Uncle Don B. Snyder (1918-2012), Technical Sergeant, 151st Infantry, 38th Division (“Avengers of Bataan” – he served in the operation that won them that nickname), WWII

My great-grandfather, Vernon Erwin (1872-1947), private, G Company, 4th Illinois Infantry, Spanish American War

My 2nd-great-grandfather Edward Carleton Bailey (1849-1926), private, Company D, 192nd Pennsylvania Infantry, Union Army

My 3rd great uncle John W. Bailey (1843-1864), 1st enlistment 1861: private, Company C, 45th Pennsylvania Infantry, Union Army; 2nd enlistment 1864: corporal, Company C, 45th Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry, Union Army – died of wounds incurred in the siege of Petersburg, VA. U.S. Civil War

My 2nd great grandfather John Erwin (1841-1917), 1st enlistment 1861: private, Company D, 11th Missouri Volunteer Infantry, Union Army, wounded at the Battle of Corinth and discharged; 2nd enlistment (1864): private then corporal, Company B, Illinois 48th Infantry, Union Army. U.S. Civil War 

My 3rd great uncle William Erwin (1838-1865), enlisted 1861, Sergeant, Company D, 11th Regiment Missouri Volunteers, Union Army, discharged to accept commission as Captain July 1, 1864, died of wounds received at Spanish Fort, Ala. U.S. Civil War 

My 3rd great uncle Eli Erwin, private, Company F, 18th Regiment Missouri Infantry, Union Army, badly wounded at the Battle of Shiloh/Pittsburg Landing 6 April 1862, sent to field hospital a Savannah, TN. He was discharged August 31, 1862, near Corinth MS due to wounds incurred at Shiloh. He didn’t make it home alive. U.S. Civil War 

My 3rd great uncle Lafayette Erwin (1848-1935), private, Company E, 155th Illinois Regiment, Union Army. U.S. Civil War
My 3rd great grandfather Henry Y Zimmerman (1794-1853), private, “Captain George Sanderson’s Company” Ohio, War of 1812

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