Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Favorite Blogs

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I love genealogy blogs. Nearly everything I know about doing genealogy I've learned by reading blogs. I follow a whole bunch of genealogy blogs via -- I counted about 200 the other day.

I've finally gotten  the time to get my Favorite Blogs page updated and back up on the page bars above. This page does not list two hundred blogs. These are my favorite blogs. I read each of their posts and am invariably entertained and learn something. I've also interacted in some way with most of them, commenting of their blog, asking questions or making a suggestion, emails, etc., and discovered that each blogger I have talked to (well, written) is a really nice person.

Each blog name listed on the page links to the blog in question. Drop in and take a look around, click through and explore. Each one of those blogs are worth your time, for the stories, the fun, the advice, the ideas of where to look next....


  1. Jo, thanks so much for including me in your "favorites" page. I'm honored! And I completely agree with you about learning something all the time while reading other blogs. Not to mention being entertained!

    1. You're welcome, Marion! It's a really interesting blog; I enjoy reading it. And I thank you for all your comments and support this past year, too.


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